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White Tantra God Massage

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A Romantic Tantra Experience

Pure relaxation and erotic bliss - For those who are asking, I no longer offer any sessions for less time than 2 hours as this is not a regular erotic massage but a very special erotic massage and really, a whole spiritual healing experience, that it's impossible to experience in less than 2 hours. The longer the session the deeper we are able to connect to one another.

  • You‘re nude, I’m in sensual lingerie

  • Om Mega Tantra® Lovers Intimacy Ritual

  • 1-way massage

  • Erotic hot oil application

  • Calming body massage

  • Erotic tantra lingam massage

  • Non caress reciprocation (simply relax & be pampered)

Lingam massage specialized techniques:

  • Pressure point massage

  • The squeeze

  • Tunneling

  • The Omega


2 hrs. $497

3 hrs. $697

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