Can't Decide?

The two questions I get asked the most are:

1. What is the difference between the sessions?

2. Which one is the best?

1. Every session is both very relaxing and very erotic. You will never experience a session that is somewhat relaxing or somewhat erotic. The 1st diagram below demonstrates the sliding scale of the most relaxing and the most erotic.

2. The best is subjective and depends on whether you prefer to give, receive or give and receive. The more erotic the massage, the more mutual interaction there will be. The 2nd diagram below demonstrates the sliding scale of who will be receiving the most pleasure.

It's important in life to take a break and treat yourself every so often so that you can be at your optimal best. When practicing tantra it's always best to give yourself more time to really be able to immerse yourself deep into the energies. Especially in the beginning. Shorter sessions work best when you have already become well versed in my sessions and you just need that little hit of tantra in order to keep you going.

The third question I get asked the most is which session is my favorite. I truly love all of them. If I didn't absolutely enjoy and get pleasure out of any one of them I wouldn't offer it. I get so much pleasure from both giving and receiving, from my sessions which are more relaxing to sessions which are more erotic.


I encourage you to experience all of them and see which one is your favorite. The results may surprise you. Remember tantra is all about exploring a whole new side of yourself and getting to know yourself in a whole new way.


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