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About Tantra

Welcome to Om Mega Tantra Massage. I'm Meg Prem Sahara, your tantrika, sensual tantra masseuse and spiritual guide. Indulge in the most luxurious and upscale tantra massage experience in my beautiful, spa like home.

Tantra is a hedonistic spiritual practice of sacred intimacy and pleasure through worshiping the divine god and the divine goddess within each other, expressed through rituals of sensual touch and loving energy exchange in the form of slow, gentle and mindful techniques such as breath-work, eye gazing, meditation, erotic massage and sacred love making in order to hold a space for spiritual and sexual awakening.

A sacred space is prepared preceding the ritual to form an alter of worship using blankets, pillows, candles and soft lighting, an essential oil diffuser and soft, instrumental music customarily East Indian or Middle Eastern. Rose or other flower petals may be laid out. And some rituals are practiced in a bath or hot tub turning it an alter of worship by adding essential oil infused bath oil, bath pillows. and rose petals.

Vancouver Tantra Massage

The tantra ritual commences by sitting in lotus pose with the legs crossed or other comfortable positions to perform an honor ritual and to set the intentions. This is then followed by more sacred and loving energy exchanges in order to connect the energy bodies before connecting the physical bodies to one another and to awaken and raise the kundalini, the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine.


When these energies have merged and woven into each other finding a comfortable place, the sensual touch is initiated as a slow and gentle path into the erotic segment of the ritual.

Mindfulness plays a key role in the ritual until the erotic segment takes over generating a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria throughout the mind and body. A lose-yourself sensation then emerges guiding you deeper and deeper and higher and higher until the most incredible peek of heightened senses is achieved.


Then, slowly, softly, gently and lovingly the ritual comes to a closing, taking time to savor the last moments of the beautiful energy and sensations created together. Manifesting a special sacred bond between the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

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