Reservation Etiquette

Requesting A Reservation

Reservations are accepted through my online reservation service only. Reservations requested by text or email will not be accepted except in rare, special circumstances. This includes all new and existing clients.

Please be sure that you will be able to meet. If you think you might not be able to make it wait until you are sure. I only take a limited amount of reservations per day/week so once a reservation is made a lot of time is then blocked off. Additionally a lot of time and love goes into preparing myself the session and the beautiful sacred space where the session takes place for each unique session experience. I completely understand that sometimes in life things come up and we need to change our plans but please be respectful of my time and do not make a reservation with the hopes that you will be able to make it.

If you are an existing client you may go ahead and make a reservation at any time.

For all new clients light screening is required to be able to determine if you are a kind and respectful gentleman.

I don't request references nor ask for too much private information. As an intuitive and healer I find the best way to screen is to observe how you communicate with me. I can tell pretty quickly if you are a mature, kind and respectful human being, ready to experience my beautiful and upscale sessions.


To begin the reservation process first start by reading through my website to learn about my sessions. Everything you need to know before making a reservation you can find here.


When you are ready to request a reservation and 100% sure about the date and time select your desired session and reserve using my online reservation service. Reservations made with a deposit or paid in full are automatically accepted. However, in the unfortunate event that you become rude the reservation will be canceled.


Upon submitting a reservation request you will receive an email confirmation. Once I receive your reply I will let you know if your reservation request has been accepted.


If you‘d like to communicate with me directly prior to making a reservation I’m happy to answer polite, respectful and relevant questions you cannot find answers to on my website and only after you have read through my website.

All prices are in CAD. You have the option to pay with PayPal when making your reservation or cash or PayPal in person when we meet, unless a deposit is required. PayPal payments are made to my company Divine Light Entertainment.


Sessions outside of regular business hours are now available. When making a reservation request look for the services that read "After Hours".


Rules For Requesting A Reservation

  • All reservations are accepting through my online reservations service

  • Please be sure you will be able to meet

  • Only reserve a session if you are kind, gentle, clean and healthy

  • Do not reserve a session if you have anger issues or are aggressive

  • Do not reserve a session if you are sick and it's contagious

Privacy & Safety

Privacy is a staple in my business. When you make a reservation, I am the only one who ever sees the information you provide. I never share any of your personal information with third parties. I understand that some of you may not want to share your personal information with me but it's important to understand that I work alone in order for you to receive the utmost private and discreet experience, and because of this my safety is my top priority.

As I am well established at serving high profile clients living in Vancouver, those passing through as well as meeting for rendezvous in other cities and countries, I understand your need for absolute discretion. 


High profile and VIP clients looking to reserve a session for $900 or more and would prefer to make a reservation in a more discreet manner contact me with the following information: Name, about you/introduce yourself, your reason for discretion, desired session, date & time.

Legal: This website is for entertainment purposes only and does not solicit sex nor any sexual activity of any kind. This website is an invitation into the spiritual practice of energy exchange and touch in the form of massage only. You must be at least 18 years of age to book and/or pay for any service on this site.

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