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Tantra God/Goddess Massage

​For those of you who are daring enough to experience the most seductive, sensual and deeply erotic tantric ritual this 2-way God/Goddess worshiping massage experience will change everything you know intimacy between a man and a woman to be.

In this sacred 2-way worshiping, mutual pampering ritual I begin by giving you a slow, sensual and erotic massage that will transport you into a heavenly dimension, creating a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy throughout your whole body. Then I place myself in your hands, opening myself up to the beautiful of vulnerability to allow you to take the lead, while letting you in on the secrets of the ancient world of tantra.

After beginning the session with my beautiful tantric intimacy ritual I will give you a slow, sensual, deep touch, relaxation tantra massage using my fingers, palms and forearms to tantalize, tease and massage out your sore muscles.

Tantra Massage Vancouver 90_edited.jpg

Once you are completely relaxed I climb on top of you, sliding my body as it's pressed up against yours giving you the most incredible sensation you have ever felt in your life.


And then the roles will reverse as I take on the role of your submissive Tantra Goddess following the lead of my gallant Tantra God.  

Before we begin the session I will give you a special lesson on sensual touch and techniques. This will be an entry level lesson so even if you have never massaged before you are in the best hands.

I’m going to teach you how to slow down and how to take your time with a woman. The different touch techniques in relation to the way a woman enjoys being touched versus how a man enjoys being touched, which are different. This is key to being an excellent lover.

These engagements are very erotic and sensual yet still very respectful. They are available only to kind and respectful gentlemen who desire to become skilled in the art of tantra and sacred intimacy.

Tantra Tantric Erotic Massage Vancouver
Red Tantra God/Goddess Massage

A Passionate 2-Way Massage Tantra Experience

Tantra Massage Vancouver 82_edited.jpg
Gold Tantra God/Goddess Massage

A Deeply Erotic 2-Way Massage &  Mutual Enjoyment Tantra Experience

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