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Roleplay & Fantasy

When practicing tantra sex with a partner there is a beautiful element of sensual and spiritual roleplay involved. The woman takes on the role of The Divine Goddess and the man takes on the role of The Divine God.

The purpose of this roleplay is to recognize and honor the divine light within yourself and your partner and to worship your partner as a God / Goddess in the most sensually erotic and loving way.

There is a dominant / submissive aspect to this as you take turns worshiping each other. The one doing to worshiping is naturally in the dominant role, leading the rituals and giving the pleasure, and the one being worshiped is naturally in the submissive role following the leader through the rituals as they completely relax and focus on the pleasures they are receiving in each divine moment.

There are certain tantra rituals that are one way pleasure giving and others that are mutual pleasure giving and so each partner has a chance at being the dominant, the one who worships and the submissive, the one who is being worshiped.

There is also an element of fantasy to this as the one who is leading, giving pleasure, worshiping, and essentially dominant, is also the servant to the master as they are the one who is serving their partner. While the one being guided, receiving pleasure and essentially submissive is also the master as they are being served.

When you come to me, my role as your Divine Tantra Goddess, leader and servant is to worship you and to guide you through a sensual journey of sacred intimacy, relaxation and pleasure and your role as my Divine Tantra God and master is to allow yourself to be open, to relax and to become fully immersed in each divine moment as you experience higher and higher levels of ecstasy and pleasure.

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