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Vancouver tantra massage

In Love

4 hour Gold Tantra God/Goddess Massage Incall


San Francisco, CA

The session I had with Megan was the best I've ever had! She was tender, loving, natural. There was no pressure, only the moment. Time seemed to stop. It was much more than physical pleasure, it was connecting to a wonderful human being at a deep emotional level. Looking into Megan's eyes and feeling her close made everything else melt away. For the few hours I spent with Megan, I was in love. Afterwards, I was in a calm and peaceful state that lasted for a long time, similar to that achievable through meditation. I was floating in the clouds, no worries able to touch me. I cannot wait to come back!

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Sensual Tantra Massage

Welcome to Vancouver’s luxurious and upscale authentic tantra massage and sacred tantric intimacy rituals. Join me in my elegant and beautiful, private, spa like home in Kitsilano close to downtown.


Reserved for the respectful gentleman, this sensual and erotic massage experience will calm the mind, body and spirit. Reserved exclusively for the respectful gentleman. Close your eyes and relax... Breathe deep while imagining you are royalty and I am your own personal tantra servant as my soft and loving hands move slowly up, and down your body.


Allow me to worship you in the

God Massage

Teach you the art of sacred intimacy and Goddess worship in the

Goddess Massage

Or experience both in the

God/Goddess Massage

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To request a reservation kindly do so using my online reservation service. As I am selective but not stuck up, I accept reservations from anyone who is respectful with your words, respectful of my time and you make me feel that I would be safe with you as I invite you into my private home. If you ask inappropriate questions or take up my time your reservation will not be accepted.

To find and select your desired session, take your time to browse through the various sensual massage pages or go directly to reservations to find all of the services that I offer in one place.


Please keep in mind that I do book up rather quickly as I accept a limited amount of reservations per day/week so if you see something you like, don't wait, reserve it now before it's gone!

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What Is Tantra?

Tantra is a hedonistic spiritual practice of sacred intimacy and pleasure through worshiping the divine god and the divine goddess within each other, expressed through rituals of sensual touch and loving energy exchange in the form of slow, gentle and mindful techniques such as breath-work, eye gazing, meditation, erotic massage and sacred love making in order to hold a space for spiritual and sexual awakening.

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